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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Well hello out there! Chances are, if you are reading this new blog, you are someone I know personally. If not, allow me a brief name's Jenny, and this is Windy City Pretty - my place on the internet to document the experience of being in your 20s and leaving the nest for the 'real world'. In a few months, I will be packing up my life deep in the heart of Texas and moving out on my own to attend graduate school and begin my writing/publishing career in Chicago, Illinois. Not to mention leaving behind most of everything/one I have ever known and loved a thousand miles south. Cue the violin strings!

Even though blogging is the en vogue thing to do if you are 1) in your 20s 2) a female 3) pursuing your education/career/dreams, and the fact that I think having not one, but TWO blogs is possibly pretentious (I have Twitter now as well...who am I?), the reasons for Windy City Pretty are simple and frivolous enough. For starters, I just wanted a title more cutesy/unique/Chicago-related so after a little research I came across the perfect name...from a nail polish. Yup, this blog is named after a nail polish. It was that or, "Texas Jenny Moves to Chicago, Hilarity Ensues". In my defense, makeup companies must have marketing geniuses working at the helm for the plethora of cheesy yet adorable names they give their products. Indulgence, right?

More importantly, I wanted to improve the experience I had with I started and kept at that blog particularly for my adventures in England, spending the summer interning in London and being abroad for the first time in my life. To say the least, it was hectic, scatter-brained, and essentially all over the place due to the nature of my trip and the nature of myself placed in exciting situations. Insert overuse of words such as "amazing", "OMG", and "wonderful". Not to say that I regret anything I wrote, I just wish I had been able to edit my posts for content and conciseness - for the sake of memory and the few family and friends reading along. While it was for the best that I was making the most of my time in London and having far too much fun in real life to sit and blog all the time, unfortunately I didn't write about everything and now have several unpublished, lengthy posts waiting to see the light of day - posts that contain very cherished memories.

My intention with this new blog, then, is to take my sweet time and remain consistent rather than sporadic. Even more, I would like this journal to be an exercise in editing - after all, editing is a major aspect my continued education and future career (writing and publishing). A degree in Literature gave me all the tools for concise, academic work, but as far as blogging I'm somewhat at a loss. If you've made it to this point, you've probably noticed it too - I can be pretty long-winded! Let's reach a point, shall we?

Above all, my plan for Windy City Pretty is of a personal, at times whimsical and silly nature - in between updates/thoughts on my life in this transitory period, I've been entertaining the idea of content ranging from delicious recipes, fashion inspiration, ideas on pop culture...honestly, it could be anything. I can do whatever I want with my own blog, but mostly I will be keeping my readers updated on my daily/weekly life. I'm determined to maintain posts despite being very busy with school and work. Oh, and I'm not getting rid of my first blog - I'm hoping to venture into something of a more professional and academic type, such as literary criticism or the work I will be doing in graduate school. More on that later.

So, welcome to the new place, and if you are new yourself, feel free to join me in these next few months as I transition into the next chapter of my life. Perhaps you are in the same situation as me, completely terrified yet entirely excited as you ready yourself for the 'real world'. Or, maybe you are a few steps ahead and could offer some insight, about living on your own for the first time, living in Chicago, finding a decent boyfriend in the city...just kidding about that last one, not trying to be all Carrie Bradshaw on you (besides, I think the real issue is finding a boyfriend in the Midwest...badum chh). Regardless of how you stumbled across my corner of the internet, thanks for the interest. Old readers, I hope you will enjoy this and I would love anyone's feedback. And, wish me luck!

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