Windy City Pretty is a creative conduit that started as a blog to keep family and friends updated on my journey from small town Texas to big city Chicago to attend graduate school. The name comes from a discontinued nail polish shade whose color can be best described as "rosy blueberry smoothie". Today, this blog is a space for my thoughts and anecdotes on life, city living, writing, and whatever else I can conjure up.

I was born into an incredible family and I grew up in small town, Texas in the Hill Country. My best memories were hot summers, boating on lakes, playing in creeks and woods, and being in the marching band. When I was a kid I wrote, illustrated, and cardboard-bound my first story about two children who hated being stuck indoors due to the "torrents" of rain outside. Since then, I have craved storytelling -- whether reading or writing, stories are my life's great passion.

I graduated from college, then moved to Chicago, Illinois where I obtained a masters degree. During my program, I volunteered with a youth literacy program and interned at a nonprofit where I was eventually hired, starting my arts/nonprofit career. My passion for education, arts, and young people continues to grow.

I currently live in the city with my wonderful boyfriend. I have interesting, lovely friends who keep me on my toes. My favorite Chicago restaurant is Cho Sun Ok and the Cubs winning the World Series is my favorite memory of living in this city so far. I want to steal/adopt every dog I come across.

In everything I do, I want to understand and help people. Spreading joy is in my heart. We are drawn to and connected by stories, and I will always come back to that in whatever I do. It's a good life I live, and I hope I can share some of my brightness with you.

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